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SOLE automation with Grundfos pump  25 / 65.2-12L / min,  Autocontrol CS / 2, SSC-1


Pump group with electronics set

Solar pump group

1. Pump (Wilo or Grundfoss DN 25), built-in
height 180 mm, junction box, connecting cable
2 m
2. 2 three-way ball valve with manually adjustable
gravity brake (non-return valve) in
return flow
3. 2 thermometers 20 - 150 ° C, with red aperture
that is, blue as a mark for the starting resp.
return flow
4. safety group 6 bar and manometer 0-10 bar
with TÜV certificate
5. tap for filling, emptying and rinsing with
with a flow restrictor and a display scale
flow (3-13 l / min)
6. EPP insulation of fire class B1
7. expansion vessel connection
8. permanent vent with vent screw
9. filling and rinsing tap
Pump groups are delivered with or without pump, with insulation and complete accessories for
wall mounting, pre-assembled, sealed and printed in the final inspection


Grundfos solar heating pump with automatic

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