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Warranty 5 years on air conditioning, 10 years on inverter.


The basic model of the Hyundai air conditioner cools the hot air in the room to the desired temperature while looking great. Air conditioning  Hyundai Performance Inverter Plus HRH-12BMV / HRO-12BMV  in rooms up to  35 m²  provides a pleasant climate. At the same time, it filters the air in the room using a filter system consisting of a high-density filter, a flavoring filter and an activated carbon filter. The air ionizer provides additional air quality to this model of Hyundai air conditioner.  Also, this series uses  environmentally friendly refrigerant  R32  which not only helps to preserve the environment, but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the device. 

This modernly designed air conditioner has the ability to dehumidify the air in the room during the hot summer days, and also offers the possibility of reheating in the transition periods.  Gilded slats  evaporators and condensers effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, improve heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting of the outdoor unit, and can withstand salt air, rain and other corrosive elements.


The air conditioner works completely automatically and offers a number of options with its microprocessor regulation:  Maintenance 8 ° C in the room,  Timer, Follow me, 5 speed outdoor unit fan,  Night mode ...


The device is controlled by an infrared remote control and WiFi module (this great accessory allows you to control and adjust the functions of the air conditioner via a special application on your smartphone or tablet) which are included in the price of the product.


Technical characteristics:

Working substance: R32

Cooling capacity range (kW): 1.1 - 4.2

SEER / Energy class HL: 6.1 / A ++

Heating output range (kW): 1.1 - 4.2

SCOP / Energy class GR: 4.0 / A +

Dimensions inside. unit (H × W × D) mm: 285 × 805 × 194

Weight int. jed. (Kg): 7.5

Noise level - cooling UJ (dBA): 21/42

Wi-fi built-in

Air ionizer: Yes

Dimensions outside. unit (H × W × D) mm: 550 × 700 × 275

Weight out. jed. (Kg): 22.7

Noise level of external unit. (dBA): 56

Pipe diameter - liquid. (mm / "): 6.35 (1/4")

Pipe diameter - gas (mm / "): 9.52 (3/8")

Maximum pipe length (m): 25

Maximum height difference (m): 10

Connection voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz



Payment methods:

The highlighted price is valid for cash payment and one-time payment by card, by bank transfer or bank transaction.


Installment payment is also available:
- from 2 to 12 installments without interest cards: Master Card ZABA, Maestro ZABA, VISA AM ZABA, VISA Buissiness ZABA, VISA Buissiness PBZ, Maestro Plus Erste, Master Card Erste, Master Card Gold Erste, VISA Erste
- from 2 to 24 installments without interest cards: VISA Premium PBZ, VISA Inspire PBZ, Maestro PBZ
- from 2 to 36 installments without interest cards: Diners Club


When paying in installments, we do not grant a discount on devices. 

Hyundai Performance Inverter Plus 3.5 kW, WI-Fi, A ++ air conditioning

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