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The special price with a 10% discount is valid for cash payment.

For installment payments we grant a 5% discount (4900kn).


The mid-range model from the Mitsubishi Electric range uses a new, environmentally friendly one  refrigerant R32  and thanks to it and advanced inverter technology it belongs to the devices of excellent energy efficiency class  SEER A ++ and SCOP A +Mitsubishi Electric Standard Eco Inverter MSZ-HR35VF / MUZ-HR35VF  it is characterized by ease of use, compact dimensions and functions necessary for a high level of comfort.

With the power of  3.5 kW  provides reliable cooling and heating in areas up to  35 m² , and with an advanced filtration system, exceptional air quality. Thanks to the additional filter with silver ions, the amount of pollen, bacteria and other allergens is drastically reduced.

For added comfort when using, there are automatic horizontal slats that ensure an even distribution of air flow throughout the room and  Econo Cool  a function that adjusts the amount of air directed toward the body based on the temperature of the exhaust air. Thanks to this, the setting temperature can be raised by as much as 2 ° C without losing comfort. In this way it is also achieved and  20%  increase in energy efficiency.

Easy operation is provided by an infrared remote control and additional optional solutions  sold separately:

  • WiFi interface  for wireless control of air conditioners via the MEL Cloud application on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • wired control interface  with expanded control options

For your convenience, there are features such as:  Automatic restart, Timer, Self-diagnostics, Automatic fan speed adjustment  and of course the quiet operation of the air conditioner itself.

Air conditioning  Mitsubishi Electric Standard Eco Inverter 3.5 kW  consists of an internal label unit  MSZ-HR35VF , outdoor units  MUZ-HR35VF  and an infrared remote control.

- learn more about the Mitsubishi Electric Standard Eco Inverter series of air conditioners.


Technical characteristics:


Working substance: R32

Cooling capacity range (kW): 0.9 - 3.4

SEER / Energy class HL: 6.2 / A ++

God. cooling consumption (kWh): 191

Heating output range (kW): 0.9 - 3.7

SCOP / Energy class GR: 4.3 / A +

God. heating consumption (kWh): 781

Dimensions inside. unit (H × W × D) mm: 280 × 838 × 228

Weight int. jed. (Kg): 8.5

Noise level - cooling UJ (dBA): 22/46

Noise level - heating UJ (dBA): 21/44

Wi-fi: Wi-fi ready

Dimensions outside. unit (H × W × D) mm: 538 × 699 × 249

Weight out. jed. (Kg): 24

Noise level of external unit. (dBA): 51

Operating range - cooling (° C): from -10 ° C to + 46 ° C

Operating range - heating (° C): from -10 ° C to + 24 ° C

Mitsubishi Electric Standard Eco Inverter 3.5 kW - air conditioning

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