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Special price with 20% discount (2633,00kn)  valid for cash payment.

For installment payment  we approve 15% discount (2797,56kn).


Hyundai has created for you, in the full sense of the word, an all-in-one device. Mobility, ease of use, heating, cooling, ventilation  and dehumidifiers have merged into a modern and beautiful design that will easily fit into any of your interiors.

Mobile air conditioning units have advanced significantly in the last few years and are technologically in step with residential wall units. Although fixed wall units will always be a more efficient and quieter solution, for this advantage you will have to set aside a lot more money in the beginning and do the necessary construction work for the needs of the installation. If you are not ready for the above, and you want to ensure year-round air conditioning in several different rooms,  Hyundai HRM-12HMPV  represents the ideal solution for you.

The features that adorn this fantastic device are:



First of all, the Hyundai HRM-12HMPV is extremely practical and easy to install, and all you need is an electrical connection and a place to install the air outlet pipes. As the device itself is compact and located on wheels, you can move it to the desired room in just a few steps and enjoy the perfect climate. With a power of 3.5 kW, it will easily air-condition rooms from 25 to 35 m2, so the choice of rooms in which you can use it has been increased, be it your home, workshop, office or any other business premises.


Cooling, heating and ventilation

By purchasing this device, you have ensured an ideal climate throughout the year. With a simple control, switch the air conditioner from cooling to heating and vice versa. IN  in the summer months it allows you to cool down pleasantly during hot summer nights and steamy days, and if the temperature is already comfortable for you, it can only be used for ventilation. Operation is fully automated, and the compressor switches itself off and pauses operation when the set temperature is reached. In this way, additional savings will be achieved and unnecessary work and noise will be avoided.

It will warm you pleasantly even on the coldest days, and it will especially delight you in the transitional periods when the temperatures vary so much that it is necessary to heat and cool several times a day. Even if you primarily use another heating method, sometimes it is advisable to avoid using, for example, the entire central heating system for just one day, but only temporarily move your mobile air conditioner and reliably ensure the desired temperature.



We are all well aware of the steamy summer nights and the lack of sleep they cause. There is nothing better during the day either, especially when we have to concentrate and be productive. Unfortunately, not everyone tolerates equally good cooling with air conditioners, so the only option is cooling through air ventilation and reducing humidity. It is for this reason that the Hyundai HRM-12HMPV offers the option of dehumidifying the air. In addition to the fact that we find it difficult to tolerate such air, it can also be harmful to our health and property. This is where the air conditioner with the function of dehumidifying the air is of great use, even with the aim of preserving various products, furniture, works of art and the like.


Technical characteristics:

Working substance - R290

Connection voltage -230 V / 50 Hz

Warranty - 24 months

Fan speeds - 3 speeds

Weight (Kg) - 34

Dimensions (H × W × D) mm - 765 × 467 × 397

Noise level (dBA) - 64

Mobile air conditioner Hyundai HRM-12HMPV

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