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Pellet stove floor ECOSPAR Minima 12KW AQUA


Available in colors: burgundy, black, cream.


Ecospar 12  kW Floor - pellet stove with direct connection to central heating for apartments up to 100 m2

Pellet stove Ecospar Floor  12 thermal  power 10 kW.  Furnace  has the ability to connect to already  existing or new central system  heating - space of 100 m2  ,,  a flow pump and an expansion vessel are already installed in it.


The furnace is made of high quality  material and corresponds to the standard EN303-S and thus rarely any pellet stove can boast.

Ecospar 12kW is the latest AQUA model  storey  furnaces  And  the main goal is that smaller buildings or apartments can be connected to central heating  and it is most characterized by small dimensions and low consumption of pellets for such strength.


Control electronics and others  built - in parts are manufactured in  EU.


All Ecospar  furnaces and boilers are made of thick-rolled sheet metal and not of thin sheet metal.  All  steering electronics and all built-in parts are manufactured within the EU.

Another advantage of Ecospar  the furnace is that they are  very quiet.


Manufacturer: EcoSpar
Nominal output power:  12  kW
Efficiency at rated power:  92%
Space heating: 2  kW
Hot water output:  10  kW
Weight:  160 kg
Maximum heating surface:  100 m2
Pellet consumption per hour (min - max):  0.8 - 2.1 kg / h
Air supply:  About 38mm
Flue:  About 80mm
El. power supply:  230V - 50Hz
Weight:  160 hg
Amount of water in the boiler:  30 l
Dimensions:  55 x 61 x 86

Pellet stove floor ECOSPAR Minima 12KW AQUA

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