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Pellet stoves Floor SOLE AQUA 14000P


Color: red,  cream,  White.


Sole AQUA  - Pellet fireplaces for central heating of 14-20 kW with built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel
It will delight you in terms of quality, design and heating speed.  Pellet fireplaces with a water exchanger for connection to a central heating installation transfer most of the energy to the radiator heating water and radiate the rest through the glass.  The fireplaces have a built-in circulation pump, a pellet tank, and with the help of a dispenser they automatically regulate the supply of pellets to the firebox according to the set intensity.

The seven-day weather thermostat and automatic ignition provide the comfort of fully automatic heating of your home whenever you want. Pellet fireplaces combine beautiful design, economical combustion and comfort provided by central heating.  The new design is a combination of classic and modern.  The flame seen through the glass in your home will create a cozy and hospitable atmosphere.


Total power / environment / water kW 14.62 / 4.30 / 10.32
Efficiency % 92.37
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 523 x 684 x 1041
Weight kg 136
Fuel (dimensions)  wood pellets (A6 mm  L »30 mm)
Smoke extraction mm A 80
Chimney air flow And 12 ± 2
Tank capacity kg 19
Voltage V 230 ± 15%
Frequency Hz 50
Electricity consumption in operation W 55 - 160 *
Ignition consumption W 400 - 450 **
Degree of utilization-nominal % 90
Reduced power total / environment / water kW 4.3 / 1.3 / 3
Pellet consumption nominal kg 3,475 th most common
Reduced pellet consumption (eco mode) kg 1,392 th most common
CO emissions reduced to 13% % 0.0053
Exhaust gas temperature maximum oC 124
Operating temperature oC 5 - 60
Storage temperature oC -10 - 60
Maximum relative humidity (no condensation) % 95


Pellet stoves floor SOLE AQUA 14KW

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