​​​​​​SAJ Suntrio Plus 6kW mrežni pretvarač 


The SAJ Suntrio-TL6K solar inverter is a transformerless inverters with efficiency of up to 97.5%.

The device comes with multi-MPPT inputs providing higher flexibility for the project installation.

Stainless steel housing and IP65 protection guarantee use both indoor and outdoor for long.

The SAJ Suntrio-TL6K is ideally suited for medium and commercial PV projects of up to MW range.

10 years track record in inverter technology and over half a million power units globally.

SAJ is a true power house in solar inverters providing exceptional solar PV energy conversion efficiency. Coupled with on-board internet connectivity (Wi-fi and Ethernet) and access to a cloud based monitoring portal, these inverters are ideal for those that want to ensure their system is operating at the peak of performance. SAJ Suntrio-TL6K comes with TUV SUD certification, LVD-CE compliance and EMC-CE compliance.

- Two independent MPPT for flexible configuration.
- Space Vector PWM to maximize efficiency and minimize EMI.
- Highest MPPT performance, up to 99.9% efficiency.
- Transformerless design with 97.5% Max. efficiency.
- Ethernet/ Wi-Fi communication interface.
- Optimized for residential three-phase application.
- Ethernet and Wifi communication interface
- Integrated Web Server for local and internet monitoring.
- Compliance with VDE-AR-N 4105 with reactive power control.


Brand: SAJ 

Original Ref number: Sununo TL6K 

Nominal Output Power: 6000W

Maximum nominal output power: 6000W 

Max input voltage range: 240-800V 

Maximum input voltage: 1000V 

Start up input voltage: 300V

Number of independent MPPT channels: 2

Max input current for each MPPT: 16A 

Dimensions: 480x680x200mm 

Weight: 35kg

Maximum Efficiency: 97.9%

SAJ Suntrio Plus 6kW mrežni pretvarač