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SOLE 120AH 12V solar battery



  • With the increasingly popular use of solar collectors, there is a growing need for batteries that will meet the specific needs of such systems. SOLE  stationary batteries for solar power are characterized by high capacity, long life (7-10  years) and very low self-discharge. They can operate in a wide temperature range and are suitable for remote locations. 
  • Stationary batteries come in several models and are intended for a wide range of applications, from hobbies and entertainment (caravans, golf courses, electric vehicles ...) to industrial vehicles (industrial carts and cleaning vehicles ...) and offer top performance at any moment.


    More reliability:
      - filled with flat positive plates in a dense network and active material specially designed for the type of work to be performed by the battery and for the purpose of extending the life of the battery
    - Positive plates are reinforced with a glass fiber coating to enhance the absorption of the active material and thus increase resistance to high operating temperatures and ensure the use of batteries with  the same power until completely discharged and recharged.
    - flat nets inside the battery are made of lead alloy with a low content of other metals, produced by casting in gravity molds (according to DIN standard) which results in reduced water consumption.
    - Highly resistant voltage cell separators are made of extruded polyethylene, low porosity, to prevent internal short circuits in the battery
    - The battery housing is made of translucent plastic, so that it is easier to monitor the amount of electrolyte during use and the first charge of dry batteries.


    More performances:
    - excellent response to the first charge and high corrosion resistance of the positive electrode
    - Better performance thanks to the optimized design of the battery interior network
    - low level of self-discharge; with a discharge of 30% and under ideal temperature and maintenance conditions, the battery life reaches up to 400 charges


    More security:
    - Thanks to the explosion-proof microporous barrier, it is possible to install the battery directly on any connection, with safe prevention of sparks or any external open flame that can catch the battery and cause a potential explosion.


    Excellent technology at your service for every stationary and semi-stationary application.

SOLE 120AH 12V solar battery

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