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Thermal systems collect or absorb solar energy in the form of heat. Their work is based on solar collectors (plate and vacuum). Solar collectors produce thermal energy, which is transferred to the domestic hot water tank via a liquid medium, pipes, with the help of a pump. The energy stored in this way is used to heat water to:

  • very high temperatures - for electricity generation / process heat
  • medium high temperatures - for heating air / space and producing electricity
  • low temperatures - for water / space heating

According to the New Tariff System for the Production of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration, it is possible to increase the purchase price per kWh of electricity by installing thermal systems in addition to photovoltaic ones. In this case, it is necessary to meet the prescribed ratio of the installed power of the heating system on RES (renewable energy source) and the installed power of the solar power plant, which is:

  • 25% for solar power plants up to 10kW
  • 20% for solar power plants up to 30kW
  • 15% for solar power plants larger than 30kW

Compared to some European countries, Croatia has a huge potential in radiated solar energy, ie the number of solar hours, which can be used using technologies to convert solar energy into thermal energy for heating and domestic hot water. Despite the great potential, Croatia has by far the least installed solar collectors per capita. According to these data, only progress is expected in Croatia. "Green loans" will subsidize part of the investment for electricity production projects from RES.

In accordance with the European strategy for the use of solar energy, which Croatia has also accepted, it is expected to plan the optimal use of solar energy. In the future, the Law on Physical Planning will plan the optimal slope, orientation of buildings, as well as space for solar boilers and solar heating plants, which will ensure the preparation of domestic hot water, heating and cooling for the most part based on solar energy.

Solar vacuum collector HEAT-PIPE 12 pipes 70mm

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