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SOLE-SMART  Solar vacuum tube collector 18 tubes 58mm


The new generation of vacuum tube collector is constructed on the principle of direct flow.

The double-walled collector pipes are made of hail-resistant borosilicate glass and are coated with a highly selective layer of aluminum nitrate, thus forming an absorber.

The function of the absorber is to absorb direct or reflected radiation from the CPC mirrors located behind the tube. The highly reflective CPC mirror with ceramic coating is extremely resistant to weather conditions and enables optimal use of solar energy.

Due to good vacuum insulation and concentrated properties of CPC mirrors, tubular collectors will ensure maximum yields even with oblique entry of sunlight.

The solar vacuum tube collector produces maximum energy.

The curved surface of the absorber with a double layer of glass and cleverly aligned solar mirrors optimally capture even diffused radiation. This ensures that your solar vacuum tube collector captures the most solar energy. It is up to 30% more efficient than plate collectors, especially in colder or partly cloudy weather. This means that the system can be used for additional central heating and hot water heating in your home. One thing is for sure: the system reduces energy costs.

Weatherproof design.

The materials used in our solar collectors have been specially selected for their durability. This ensures that they are not affected by dirt and other weather conditions. They can withstand even snow and the impact of hail of average size. This means that your Vaillant solar system will work efficiently for many years to come.


Borosilicate glass HIGH PERFORMANCE  SMART18    

Operating / Maximum pressure bar     6bar / 12bar    
Linear heat transfer coefficient K1 0.885 W / m2K    
Square heat transfer coefficient K2 0.001 W / m2K    
Absorber absorption: 93.50%
Number of pipes: 18    
Dimension: 1420x1449x1420    
Area m2: 1.67    
Max SMART heating 85-90 C
Weight kg 52

Solar vacuum collector HEAT-PIPE 18 pipes 58mm

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