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Heat pipe collectors SOLE TISUN Made in Austria


  • Highly efficient vacuum tube collector system "HEAT PIPE"
  • Double-walled vacuum tubes, made of boron-silicon glass
  • Absorber: high quality AL-N / Al coating
  • 50 mm thick stone wool insulation
  • ECOLOGY: 0% CO emissions
  • 5 year warranty
  • Solar thermal systems



    The collector construction allows cheap self-assembly on the roof. All common types of installation: installation on sloping roofs and on flat roofs can be done on site.

    The vacuum tube takes over the direct and diffuse radiation of the sun and guarantees high yields in the transition months by converting the radiation energy into thermal energy.

    All STV collectors are certified according to the guidelines of the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC and checked according to DIN.

    The vacuum between the fused pipes is long-lasting and the effect of the insulation always remains unchanged. Thus the absorber tube constantly gives high power during its lifetime.




    Composition of the Heat Pipe vacuum tube collector The Heat Pipe tube is a heat exchanger that allows a high heat flux density by using heat from evaporation and condensation of the liquid.

    Under solar radiation, the liquid in the vacuum tube begins to evaporate and rises. This removes heat from the material to be cooled.

    The steam flows through the pipe to the cooling zone, transfers the heat of vaporization and condenses. The medium that has become liquid then flows back to the end of the heat pipe and is ready to take up energy again.

    The advantage of the heat pipe (Heat Pipe) is in the high density of heat flow, and in the non-driven circulation of the liquid.

    If, contrary to expectations, the pipe has to be replaced, then this can be done on the basis of a "dry joint" without discharging the total solar circuit.




    Function of solar systems

    Domestic hot water heating 

    The sun's rays falling on the collectors are converted into heat.
    In order to be able to use this captured heat at any time and on cloudy days, it is stored in solar tanks.
    Through the transfer pump contained in the solar station, the heated solar liquid is delivered to the lower heat exchanger of the solar tank.

    If the sun's heat is once insufficient, then the upper area is heated by heating.
    The inflow of cold water in the lower area of the tank ensures good temperature stratification and the optimal degree of efficiency of the collectors that transfer their heat to the cold area of the tank.

    DHW heating with heating support 

    Solar heating support systems are able to take over part of the building's heating by additionally heating the DHW.

    Solar heat is transferred to the heating water via a heat exchanger located in the lower area of the combined tank.

    The inner DHW cylinder is heated by the heating water that is around it.

    Subsequent heating of the system is done through conventional heating.

  • Heat Pipe collector vacuum tubes

  •   The high power STV collector is ideal for heating your domestic water and for heating support. This collector indicates high efficiency both in the transition months and in adverse weather conditions.

Solar vacuum collector HEAT-PIPE 30 pipes 58mm

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