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SOLE UNI Converter 3000W, with regulator 50A, and charger 30A


The 3000W inverter with clear sine output has an AC charger up to 30A and a solar one   PWM   charger or connector for solar panels maximum 50A. The inverter input and output can be set in the menu. So you can select the input priority or select the input from the solar panels, AC input or solar-AC. The output can also be set which is the priority of solar, batteries or AC. Intended for refrigerator, TV, computer, laptop, home lighting and other small consumers. It is not intended for heaters of any type of water heater, stove, cooker, etc.


  Technical characteristics of the converter:


. Adjustable  AC  input voltage  90  ~  280Vac
· 3 KW  clean  sine output / 5 KW  maximum 5  seconds
·  Built-in  3-stage battery charger  high efficiency  30A
·  Built-in  solar charger  max  50A  (PWM)
·  Total system  charging  electricity  =  AC +  SOLAR  = max  50A
·  Dual  priority  work  to select:  AC  or  DC  mod
·  Free  software for  tracking
·  It works  only on  24V  batteries

· Without transformer,  light  design
·  RJ45  comm  port
·  Transmission time  <10ms
·  Programming via  LCD display
·  24-hour  work
·  Intelligent charger  battery,  full  supervision
·  Built-in  alarm  and protection
·  Fit  for wall mounting
·  CE,  EMC  certified

SOLE UNI Converter 3000W, with regulator 50A, and charger 30A

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