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Xiaomi Mi Essential electric scooter


Color: black


The Mi Essential Lite electric scooter is designed for city lovers who want to get around  everywhere.

This model, designed for everyone, will allow you to move easily  to 20  km / h .

The speed depends on  your size, weight, battery and  many other aspects that affect driving.

You can move around the city very easily at this speed.

When we talk about  range, this model has a 5100 battery  mAh, which will allow you to travel  to 20  km s  with one charge .

As well as  in other Xiaomi models, this new scooter  saves kinetic energy  and  turns it into  electricity  during acceleration, you can use it for a long time.

IN  its design emphasizes black, complemented by stripes and  details in  red and  yellow.

The Xiaomi scooter is designed for  travel comfort , because it is one of the most versatile models you will find in  at this point.

Xiaomi believes that its scooters should allow you to move anywhere without any problems. Therefore, this model  very light , which allows very easy transport.

With it, you can store it without any problems thanks to the fact that it  you can fold in  only 3  seconds .

WITH  small size you can easily store it in  any closet or even move in  the trunk of a car.

It is made of  very resistant  and  easy  material, which is why the scooter weighs only  12  kg .

You will be able to find out all the information at a glance  LED display , which will allow all data to be accessible. They provide security  ultra bright headlights  which allow you to move around in the dark without  worries.


My Home app


Before use on your smartphone  you must download the Mi Home app .

Create an account for me and  log in to  application.

IN  My Home application  add a new Mi Scooter device , and  follow the instructions.

Once the process is complete, the scooter will stop making sounds and  it will reach a certain speed.



Maximum speed: 20km / h (Maximum speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km / h; D: 15km / h; S: 20km / h)
Maximum range: 20 km
Maximum uphill: 10 °
Brakes: E-ABS and disc brakes
Motor power: 250W
Maximum torque: 500W
Tires: 8.5 "front and rear tires
Maximum load: 100kg

Water resistance: IP54
Charging time: 3.5 hours

Battery capacity: 5100mAh / 183Wh
Battery life: 500 charge cycles with power maintained above 70%

Ultra bright bulbs

Red rear brake lights

LED display

Package contents

  • We electric  romobil Essential
  • Adapter  for power supply
  • Hex key
  • Tire inflation accessory
  • Screw
  • User Manual
  • Important information
  • Technical data


    Warranty: 1  year

    Xiaomi Mi Essential electric scooter

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