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Solar panels POLY 20W 12V SOLE


Dimension 480x350x18mm

We grant a 20% discount  with the purchase of ALU Sole roofing  brackets (panel price with a discount of HRK 204.00).


SOLE  Solar panels  German  manufacturer of equipment for photovoltaic systems  Extreme  they have a simple and aesthetic design that allows their integration into industrial and residential buildings as well as any other infrastructure facilities to use the sun as an energy source to produce electricity.

SOLE Extreme photovoltaic solar panels  have high efficiency in the range of the entire light spectrum. We especially emphasize high efficiency in low light conditions (eg cloudy weather).

The manufacturer provides a warranty on solar panels for a period of 10  for errors in production and for the efficiency of the solar panel of 90% and a guarantee of 30  years for a solar panel efficiency of a minimum of 81%.

Photovoltaic solar collectors (panels) have certificates from internationally recognized testing laboratories (eg TUV, ZDHY, SGS, BRE global), and proof of compliance with international safety standards, long-term efficiency and overall product quality (ISO, CE, IEC, EN, MCS).

Solar panel POLY 20W 12V SOLE

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