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Tracer 3210A  Technical data:

Rated charge current: 30A
System nominal voltage: 12V / 24VDC Auto identifying
Max.PV open circuit voltage: 100VDC
Max. PV input power: 390 W / 12V, 780W / 24V

Added Features:
★ Blacklight LCD Display
★ Common Negative Ground
★ Support lithium Battery
★ More Safety Protection

Protection function:
PV Over Current / power

PV Short Circuit

PV Reverse Polarity

Night Reverse Charging

Battery Reverse Polarity

Battery Over Voltage

Battery Over Discharge

Battery Overheating

Controller Overheating

Lithium Battery Low Temperature

Load Short Circuit

Load Overload

TVS High Voltage Transients

SOLE MPPT regulator tracer 30A, 3210A

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