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Centrometal CentroPlus-B steel hot water boiler of nominal heat output 25  kW has  two separate fireboxes in  common boiler water.

  • Left firebox - used for solid or liquid heating  fuel
  • Right firebox - used for burning pellets or  liquid fuel

Possibility of combination  heating with solid fuel and automatic  turning on an oil or pellet burner in  the moment when the solid fuel does not satisfy  the need for heat  makes this boiler special  interesting.

The peculiarity of the boiler  CentroPlus-B  is  and a built-in stainless steel water heater  domestic hot water submerged in the boiler room  leads which makes it extremely interesting because  ensures constant heating of hot water in  boiler without additional investment.

Successful  a combination of modern technology and quality  building materials with proven technical  solutions give boilers safety and  reliability in operation with simplicity  installation and use.

It is made in accordance with  European standard EN 304 and EN 303-5.



  • CentroPlus hot water boiler intended for central heating intended for heating with solid fuel, solid and liquid fuel, with solid fuel and pellets and liquid fuel and pellets, with a nominal heat output of 25, 35 and 49 kW.
  • Possibility of alternating use of both fireboxes.
  • Only one flue connection.
  • Possibility of installing thermal protection on factory-prepared openings.
  • A separate boiler body, a separate formwork with thermal insulation and a separate oil or pellet set are supplied, which enables easy transport and installation and reduces the risk of damage.


  • Delivery content:

- boiler body with boiler door on a wooden pallet (with flap for the left firebox door,  right hearth register flap, ashtrays, left and right firebox grilles and  turbulators);
- cardboard box with boiler casing, thermal insulation, thermometer, regulator  draft (as CALEFFI 529 500 or ESBE C 20/25), rear ash box, accessories  for cleaning (accessory holder, brush, scraper and poker), protective box for extension for  pellet burner and set with screws and snaps.

  • The CentroPlus-B boiler (25, 35 and 49 kW) has a built-in stainless steel hot water boiler that does not require a special circulation pump, which would otherwise be needed if the boiler was outside the boiler.
  • The boiler has been tested and certified according to the European standard EN 303-5 and EN 304  and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Adequately dimensioned combustion chamber and the combustion of combustion gases in three passages ensure a high degree of boiler efficiency, which makes it "economical".

The large door and the firebox of the boiler enable heating with large solid fuel and easy cleaning and maintenance.



Properly dimensioned firebox with turbulators ensures a high degree of boiler efficiency, which makes it "economical".

The high water content in the boiler reduces the number of starts and prolongs the life of the burner and saves energy.

The boiler door is prepared for the installation of a pellet / oil burner.

CentroPlus-B 25KW hot water boiler

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