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EKO-CKB P (20-50 kW)


EKO-CKB P  nominal  thermal output from 20 to 50 kW provided for heating  solid fuelpelletsoil  or  gas . They are members  family of EKO-CK P boilers, and their special feature is built-in  stainless steel hot water boiler immersed in the boiler room  leads. This makes it extremely interesting because it insures  constant heating of domestic hot water in the boiler without  additional investment. They are recognizable by their success  a combination of modern technologies and quality construction  materials with ease of installation and use.


  • Hot water boiler for central heating intended for heating with several types of fuel (solid, pellets, liquid or gaseous), with a nominal heat output of 20 to 50 kW.
  • The domestic hot water boiler is made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees high hygienic conditions, and the immersion of the boiler enables fast heating of the entire amount of domestic hot water.
  • The built-in domestic hot water boiler in the boiler does not require a special circulation pump, which would otherwise be required if the boiler was located outside the boiler.
  • Adequately dimensioned combustion chamber and the combustion of combustion gases in three passages ensure a high degree of boiler efficiency, which makes it "economical".
  • The boiler furnace is made of high quality 5 mm boiler sheet.
  • The large door and the firebox of the boiler enable heating with large solid fuel and easy cleaning and maintenance.  Easy change of opening direction of upper and lower doors.
  • Possibility of installing thermal fuse on the factory-prepared opening.
  • The boilers are factory equipped with a thermostat that controls the operation of the pump.
  • A separate boiler body, separate formwork with thermal insulation is supplied, which enables easy transport and installation and reduces the risk of damage.
  • The basic delivery of the boiler includes a boiler water temperature indicator and cleaning accessories and an ashtray.
  • In case of oil or gas heating, an oil / gas burner installation set and turbulators are required (the number depends on the boiler power).
  • In case of burning with wood pellets, the Cm Pellet set includes a set for installing pellet burners on the lower boiler door, turbulators, pellet burner, pellet tank, pellet conveyor and boiler control.
  • When heating with oil / gas or pellets, it is necessary to install turbulators in the boiler (delivered at the factory with Cm Pellet set, additionally ordered for oil / gas heating).
  • The basic boiler control of the burner (oil / gas) is additionally delivered and is placed in the factory-prepared place on the upper cover of the boiler formwork.
  • The boiler has been tested and certified according to the European standard EN 303-5 and EN 304 and manufactured in accordance with the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Series  proven technical solutions make these boilers safe and  reliable in operation. Possibility of easy installation  equipment on pellets, oil or gas is special  value of these boilers. They are made in accordance with the European  norm
EN 303-5.

Hot water boiler Centrometal EKO-CKB P 25KW

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